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Tire Needling Machines & Rotisseries

Needling Machine:

Our tire needling machines are second to none in quality, reliability, and ease of use.We offer an awesome 110v model to suit your needs. This machine features a high torque motor that turns 18rpm, which allows you to actually see where you are needling, as a well as providing you with ultimate control. Our machine is foot pedal operated. Exclusive to our machine is our new needling head, which features 4 individual and independent needlers which allow us 6 rows of needles, rather than the standard 5 rows of needles that come on competitors models. All 4 independent needling heads also feature sealed bearings that add to the long life of our machines components. All needling heads are on a swivel, which adds to the ease of use. Also included on each machine, is a 4 plug 110v outlet box which is generally used to plug in your tire grinder. Your tires can be ground from one side, and someone else needles the tire from the other side, thanks to our 18rpm high torque motor. Basically this machine is so easy to use, the 12 year old daughter of one of our crewmen needles the tires on our house car every week!! Try doing that will other machines on the market!

Our tire needling machines come with the following lug patterns already built onto each machine.Wide 5, 5x5, and 4-1/2x4. Other lug patterns are available on request at no extra charge. We also have "knock off" versions of each machine available for Sprint Cars and Mini Sprints.


110v std. Needling Machine: $1,349.00

110v Sprint Car Machine:$1,699.00

Optional wheel package: $65.00

We usually have machines in stock and ready to ship. However due to high demand during certain times of the year, please expect up to a 2-3 week lead time.


















Tire Rotisseries:

Our tire rotisserie is simple awesome! Like a lot of racers, we recognized that space in the shop becomes limited. So we came up with our space saving 4 tire rotisserie. This machine is only 32"x40"x66" with 4 dirt late model tires set to rotate! So you can shove this rotisserie in the corner of the shop, and save valuable floor space! Each model comes standard with 4 locking wheels for ease of movement. Each model has a heavy duty 1rpm motor, featuring a slip clutch created by MCT. So stopping a tire while it's rotating will not harm the motor or drive system. Each model comes with a 12 hour countdown timer, that also has a continuous "on" position. All standard models come with the following lug patterns, Wide 5, 5x5, and 4-1/2x5. Also available is a taller version of this same machine for Sprint Cars, which come standard with knock offs.


STD Rotisserie: $798.00

STD Sprint Car Rotisserie: $1,175.00

Optional attaching trays will be available soon.