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Mike's Custom Tank's

Here at Hendren Racing Engines, we have seen many problems with some brands of dry sump oil tanks. Most commonly, these problems occur in "square" oil tanks, and with some round tanks as well. The biggest issue that is facing the owners of these tanks is oil control and the fact that these tanks can not be run at the level mark where they need to run. In simpler terms, these tanks blow oil out like crazy!! While it's always good to keep a well-lubricated race car, it's not too fun washing this oil off of and out of your race car. As a result of this and the fact that most people who use this style tank can not run them at the proper level, Mike Hendren is now building handcrafted dry sump oil tanks that solve all of the above-mentioned issues. He has addressed each problem and solved them.

Mike's oil tanks are all hand made by Mike. So each tank is crafted to perfection. Because of this fact, Mike is giving you the best "square/rectangle" oil tank on the market today. In other words, "these tanks will never blow oil out under normal racing conditions, they can be run at the proper oil level, and the craftsmanship is superior to other tanks of similar design."

Priced affordably and built with pride. Mike's Custom Oil Tank's.

"If it's not Mike's tank, then it's just another oil tank."

Now actively seeking distributors for this product. If you would like to inquire about becoming a dealer, feel free to call Hendren Racing Engines, and Speak with Mike or Bill Hendren.

Oil Tank Oil Tank Surge Tank
Surge Tank Rear End Filler Tank Radiator Surge Tank

Available Oil Tank's

Part Number / Application

100-MCT (Pictured above) This is our standard oil tank, and it can be purchased directly from Mike's Custom Oil Tank's and Hendren Racing Engines, or one of our authorized dealers. This tank features all of the options described above. This is a universal oil tank that will fit Rocket, MastersBuilt, Rayburn, or any other chassis that has 6" on center frame mounts.

101RK (Not pictured) This oil tank is produced exclusively for Rocket Chassis Mark Richards Racing Ent. This tank is built per Rocket's specs, specifically for their chassis. This oil tank can only be purchased through Rocket Chassis Mark Richards Racing Ent. or an authorized Rocket Chassis dealer.

102BW (Not pictured) This oil tank is produced exclusively for Barry Wright Race Cars. This oil tank is identical to our universal oil tank with the exception of mounting hardware. This oil tank can only be purchased through Barry Wright Race Cars.

103-MCT (Pictured Above) This oil tank is produced exclusively for GRT Race Car's. This tank is built per GRT specs, specifically for their chassis. This oil tank can only be purchased through GRT Race Car's, or an authorized GRT dealer.

All dry sump oil tanks come standard with -16 pick-up, -16 vents, -8 fittings for engine vent, 115-micron filter screen, provision for oil temp sending unit, provision for oil heater, and standard dip stick for checking the oil level. **Sight glasses are an option - Add $25.00 per Tank**

104PS (Pictured above) Power Steering Tank. *Firewall mount*----- Comes standard with -6 return (left-hand entry standard; right hand available on request), -10 suction, vented cap.

105ST (Pictured above) Surge Tank ----- Comes standard with -16 inlet (-12 optional), petcock for draining excess oil, open-cell foam filter.

106RF (Pictured above) Rear End Filler Tank / Fuel Cell Vent ----- Comes standard with a vented cap, -10 outlet, fuel cell vent w/removable open cell foam filter, 1/4"NPT flange for fuel cell vent.

107OF (Pictured above) Radiator Surge Tank ----- Comes standard with o-ringed aluminum cap, two 1/4"NPT water in and water out fittings, integrated roll bar mount.

***Call direct or call the dealer nearest to you for pricing***

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